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Asmita Sautreau, Ph.D, Professor - Dr Ma Labs


Asmita Sautreau, Ph.D, Professor

Scientific Advisor

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dr. Asmita Sautreau was a pharmacist from her first degree (1981) and thereafter obtained membership of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 1982. She gained interest in natural products as result of the PhD program she undertook (‘Microbial Transformation of Spirostanes and Related Compounds’, 1987). She was appointed as senior lecturer in 1988. Dr. Sautreau became Principal Lecturer in 2004 after taking on the responsibility as Course Leader of the Master of Pharmacy program.She is currently an academic pharmacist continues her administrative input for the post-graduate pharmacy program.


Dr. Sautreau’s main field of interest is in the pharmaceutical context of natural products, especially those from plants which provide a huge diversity of unique structures, many of which have a niche in therapeutic and clinical treatment of various types of medical conditions.

Her research focuses on natural products with particular interest in isolating and identifying bioactive compounds from plants. These are plant secondary metabolites and identification entails bioassay-guided fractionation linked to spectroscopic and other techniques. The research projects are varied, such as study of selected plant species of the family Euphorbiaceae to control the spread of parasitic disease in particular schistosomiasis, study of specific chemotaxonomic markers, utilizing specifically biologically inherited compounds within a species to standardise herbal preparations, and investigating herbal remedies e.g. raspberry leaves as potential for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and species related to St. John’s Wort for antimicrobial application.